Pre-final versions of all INTERACT 2013 contributions now available for download: Pre-publication Versions of All Contributions


INTERACT 2013, the 14th in the series of INTERACT International Conferences supported by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee 13 on Human–Computer Interaction (HCI), took place 29 years after the first INTERACT held in September 1984 in London, UK.  The hugely successful INTERACT 2013, brought the Conference to South Africa and to Africa for the very first time, and took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre between 2 and 6 September 2013. INTERACT 2013 was organized by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth) and the Meraka Institute of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Pretoria), in collaboration with the University of Cape Town. The first two days of Conference were dedicated to various workshops, tutorials and the Doctoral and African Masters Consortium. The latter was specifically included in the programme to support the development of HCI in Africa.

Like its predecessors, INTERACT 2013 highlighted, to both the academic and the industrial world, the importance of the HCI discipline and its most recent breakthroughs. The African tradition of HCI focuses very much on the human and social aspects of HCI, recognizing the diversity of its people and the context in which they go about their everyday lives. The Conference theme for INTERACT 2013, ‘Designing for Diversity’, echoed the African context and recognized the interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and intercultural spirit of HCI research and practice. We hope that INTERACT 2013 will be remembered as a conference that brought the diversity of HCI research to the forefront, making the digital world a better place for all, regardless of where they come from.


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