Programme Pre-publication Versions of All Contributions

Pre-publication Versions of All Contributions

The pre-publication versions of all the accepted INTERACT 2013 contributions are available through the links below.

The official published versions of the contributions are availble through Springer:  Official Springer Proceedings of INTERACT 2013


Technical Sessions: full and short papers

SESSION: 3D navigation

SESSION: 3D technologies - 3D object manipulation

SESSION: Augmented Reality

SESSION: Cognitive workload

SESSION: Cognitive workload and decision support

SESSION: Creating effective 3D displays

SESSION: Cross-cultural, intercultural and social issues

SESSION: Data entry mechanisms and devices

SESSION: Design and evaluation

SESSION: Design and evaluation of prototypes

SESSION: Design to support creativity

SESSION: Designing for inclusiveness I

SESSION: Designing for inclusiveness II

SESSION: Designing with- and for people with special needs

SESSION: Display manipulations

Diversity / ICT in social development

SESSION: E-input/output devices (e-readers, whiteboards)


SESSION: Facilitating social behaviour and collaboration I

SESSION: Facilitating social behaviour and collaboration II

SESSION: Gaze-enabled interaction design

SESSION: Gesture and tactile user interfaces

SESSION: Gesture-based user interface design and interaction I

SESSION: Gesture-based user interface design and interaction II

SESSION: Health / medical devices

SESSION: Humans and robots

SESSION: Human-work interaction design

SESSION: Interface layout and data entry

SESSION: Learning and knowledge-sharing

SESSION: Learning tools, learning contexts

SESSION: Managing the UX

SESSION: Mobile interaction design

SESSION: Mobile phone applications

SESSION: Mobile usage and techniques

SESSION: Mobile UX and privacy concerns

SESSION: Model-based user interface design

SESSION: Multimodal user interface design

SESSION: Multimodality, cross-platform studies

SESSION: Narratives in design

SESSION: Navigation aids

SESSION: Novel user interfaces

SESSION: Passwords: e-authentication

SESSION: Physical ergonomics

SESSION: Road Safety

SESSION: Seniors and usability

SESSION: Social behaviour, collaboration and presence

SESSION: Social collaborative interaction

SESSION: Social media

SESSION: Software Development

SESSION: Supporting physical activity

SESSION: Supporting shared activities

SESSION: Sustainability

SESSION: Tabletop computing

SESSION: Text comprehensibility

SESSION: Tracking eyes and head

SESSION: Usability evaluation and Technology acceptance

SESSION: User preferences and behaviour

SESSION: User requirements capture and analysis


SESSION: UX in work / educational contexts


SESSION: Voice / Sound-based computing


Interactive posters








Special Interest Group (SIG)