Registration Register for the Conference

Register for the Conference

You can now register for the INTERACT 2013 Conference.


To register please go to the following website:


PLEASE NOTE: At least one paying author for each submission must register for the Conference.


Several registrations options exist, for both Researchers / Practitioners / Academics and Full-time Doctoral and Masters Students:

  • Only Registering for the Main INTERACT 2013 Conference (4-6 September 2013).
  • Registering for the Main INTERACT 2013 Conference PLUS 1 Workshop OR 1 Full-Day Tutorial OR 2 Half-day Tutorials.
  • Registering for the Main INTERACT 2013 Conference PLUS 1 Workshop on Monday 2 September 2013 AND (1 Workshop or 1 Full-Day Tutorial or 2 Half-day Tutorials) on Tuesday 3 September 2013.
  • Registering for the Main INTERACT 2013 Conference PLUS 1 Half-day Tutorial.
  • Registering for 1 Full-day Workshop OR Tutorial only.
  • Registering for 1 Half-day Tutorial only.
  • The Doctoral and Masters Consortiums are closed events. Only participants accepted for these events may register for the Consortiums.



1. Please note the following indemnity notices of the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC):

  • CTICC shall not be liable or responsible to any party for any claim, damage or loss caused to any person as a result of CTICC or any of its employees, representatives or assign’s failure to comply, or to comply timeously, with any provision/s of the contract of hire save to the extent that such liability is imposed by law.
  • To the fullest extent allowed by law, CTICC shall not be responsible for the safekeeping, storage, use or otherwise of any property brought into the convention centre. Property belonging to the hirer or third parties shall be brought into the convention centre at own risk and the hirer indemnifies CTICC and holds it harmless against any and all claims, losses or damages that may be suffered by any person in relation hereto
  • CTICC shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage, howsoever caused, to goods and/or persons in the convention centre and/or on adjacent sites unless such liability is imposed by law.


2. For participants from outside South Africa:

  • Please take out relevant travel and medical insurance to cover your stay in South Africa.
  • Your institution may already have such insurance: in such case make sure that you obtain the necessary information form them prior to departure for South Africa.
  • In the case where flight reservations have been made via credit card, a pre-defined level of travel insurance and medical insurance are usually included. Please make sure you obtain the relevant documentation from the credit card company prior to your departure for South Africa.